Technical Skills

HTML4 HTML5 CSS2 CSS3 LESS JavaScript jQuery Backbone.js Underscore.js Jasmine Framework Twitter Bootstrap Python C# ASP.NET ASP.NET MVC SQL IIS 7 SVN Git Node.js Objective C iOS Mac OS Photoshop Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, SES) Google App Engine


  • Rosvomedia 2007 - 2008

    Client-side and Server-side development of numerous websites for local companies. Most of them were created using popular CMSes. For some clients custom made CMS was provided to meet requested requirements.

    HTML4 CSS2 JavaScript jQuery ASP.NET C#
  • Comet Development 2008 - 2013

    Worked on a number of projects of various complexity, although most of the work was focused on client-side. Other tasks included, but were not limited to UI-design, database-design, back-end (ASP.NET MVC), developing iPhone Apps and Windows Services.

    HTML5 CSS3 LESS SVN JavaScript jQuery Twitter Bootstrap SQL ASP.NET MVC C# Objective C iOS

    Some projects:

    • Sportadore

      Sportadore is a website devoted to sport news. Deeply integrated with social networks, allowing users to see latest news, videos and mentions about favorite teams and players.

      Work included server-side (ASP.NET MVC) and client-side (CSS, Javascript) development of the website.

    • Voyzee

      Voyzee is a web application that allows users to create video clips by combining images and video clips together and adding subtitles and audio narration.

      Work included server-side (ASP.NET MVC) and client-side (CSS, Javascript, Twitter Bootstrap) development of the website.

    • FacebookArt

      FacebookArt is a web application that facilitates in posting messages, links, photos and collages to Facebook Pages and User Timelines at scheduled time.

      Work included creating Windows Service responsible for posting messages and images, as well as the web application itself, both of them integrated with Facebook API (Javascript SDK and Facebook SDK for .NET). The app is built with ASP.NET MVC on server-side and Twitter Bootstrap on client side.

Apps & Software

  • iPhone App - author, designer and developer for iPhone is an app that makes it easy to access all articles about web development published on blog All posts are organized by sections - Design, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, SEO, and Others.
    This app is available in the App Store.

    Objective C iPhone
  • Keyboard Master Mac App - author, designer and developer

    Keyboard Master is a Typing Tutor that helps to learn touch typing.

    Technically it is a hybrid app built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, wrapped in Mac App shell that uses WebKit to render the contents.

    This app is available in the Mac App Store.

    Photoshop HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Objective C
  • Typing Races Facebook App - author, designer and developer

    Typing Races is a typing tutor as well as a social racing game where people can compete against each other to improve typing speed and accuracy.

    It is built with Python and ASP.NET MVC on server side and Backbone.js on client side allowing to achieve maximum performance. The core of online-multiplayer functionality is Node.js with hosted on Linux Server to ensure super-fast communication between players via WebSockets. Jasmine framework was used to test Javascript code. Typing Races uses HTML5 Local Storage to store data and minimize load time. CSS3 features like transitions and animations are also heavily used to provide best user experience. The app is hosted on multiple Amazon EC2 instances and uses Amazon RDS for data storage. Amazon SES is used for email notifications and feedbacks delivery.

    Typing Races is tightly connected with Facebook API for posting OpenGraph actions, scores and achievements, sending notifications and connecting with friends. It also uses Facebook Payments API for in-app purchases. The game was published on Facebook in Septeber 2012 and now has more than 40000 registered users and about 6000 monthly active users. It was listed in Facebook Favorite Apps in App Center in February 2013.

    For more information visit

    This app is available on Facebook.

    HTML5 CSS3 LESS SVN Git JavaScript jQuery Backbone.js Underscore.js Python C# ASP.NET MVC MS SQL Entity Framework Node.js Jasmine Facebook SDK Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, SES)
  • Typing Races Mac App - author, designer and developer

    Typing Races for Mac is a hybrid app that has the same functionality as the game of Facebook. It is wrapped into Mac App shell and uses WebKit to render its content.

    Apart from that Mac version leverages Game Center and App Store in-app Payments for purchases.

    This app is available in the Mac App Store.

    ... Objective C Mac OS Game Center API In-App Purchases API



  • Saint Petersburg State University Graduated in 2010

    Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics (Game Theory)


  • English, German, Russian, Belorussian


  • Interaction design, usability and user experience, modern trends in web development